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Posted on: 09/02/2018

Our Student of the Month January 2018

Ghazal is a third year student here at St. Charles Sixth Form College. She joined us Ghazalfrom our partner school Sion Manning School for Girls and is currently studying L3 Performing Arts and A Level Photography. Ghazal is particularly creative. When asked why she chose these subjects she stated: “I like performing and expressing myself through different forms of art”. Ghazal especially enjoys the practical elements of her Performing Arts course and clearly has a passion for drama and performance. She expressed: “I would love to become an actress and perform in films and TV shows. My role model is Selena Gomez as I admire her acting and the music she produces.The College provides incredible opportunities for us on our course."

Ghazal has attended numerous trips, visits and workshops as part of her course. She comments that as well as being really informative and enjoyable, the trips offered valuable networking opportunities in the industry. Ghazal has been involved in the film “Hilda” which was filmed here in St. Charles College and she also participated in a week long intensive workshop at the Royal Court Theatre. She expressed: “this taught me how to devise a play within a short time frame and work collaboratively in a small team of like-minded people. It was exciting. You have to work as a group in performance as it is the responsibility of the whole group and not just individuals. The Performing Arts groups are like one big, happy family and our teachers Ms Nash and Mr Padden are both incredibly knowledgeable and inspirational and their enthusiasm is infectious." Ghazal is also enjoying her photography course and states that the College’s Photography Department with its superb and talented staff and facilities have made exploring different themes fun and easy. She is currently working on putting her portfolio together and has surprised herself she stated by the quality and diversity of her collection to date.

Apart from her studies Ghazal has thrown herself into all aspects of college life. She has been actively involved in the College’s infamous Christmas Cabaret production, this year sharing the compère role to the delight of the audience with her humorous commentaries. She has contributed to the college community in numerous ways, getting involved in fundraising bake sales organised by the learning support department for worthy causes such as Macmillan nurses, NSPCC and Comic Relief to cite just a few. She is indeed an active participant in all LS activities contributing to important events such as Holocaust Memorial Day and International Women’s Day. She is a brilliant tutor group representative and has undertaken sponsored silences and walks for charity. She is a great model for her peers with her energy and willingness to get involved. A perfect example of this was last Christmas when she dressed up as Mrs Clause assisting Mr Clause in spreading Christmas cheer with their acts of kindness around the College site. She also was a willing and competent volunteer at Open Evening events acting as a steward and talking to prospective students.

In April 2016, Ghazal was awarded a coveted Jack Petchey award for all her contributions and commitment. Ghazal feels that her time at St. Charles has been fantastic and worthwhile. “St. Charles has helped me grow in confidence and maturity and to achieve the grades to further myself. The Learning Support Department has been a massive support with my subjects and learning, helping meet my individual visual support needs and making my whole college experience less challenging. The Photography Department has opened up new pathways for me and the Performing Arts Department has helped me grow as a performer and my teachers continue to challenge me to achieve my potential. Furthermore I have made incredible friendships during my time in Sixth Form. My friends have supported me throughout and I hope to keep in touch with them forever!”

Ghazal is planning on going to university to study acting. Ms Nash, Ghazal’s Performing Arts teacher and tutor added: “Ghazal is possibly one of the most motivated and enthusiastic students, she is tenacious, hardworking and ambitious. Her kindness is evident every day she attends St. Charles. Ghazal’s improvement in both written and practical components of the course has been remarkable and I wish her well with her further plans.” We look forward to Ghazal coming back to us as one of our Alumni to tell us all about it!