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26/07/2018 - 14:30Mixed - Football (League)
Away Team 5--Home Team
Away Team 5-
Home Team-
Venue: Away

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  • Science and Maths students recently attended at STEM Careers event at BBC Broadcasting house, hosted by , and tried their hands at coding for iPlayer, cyber security, and presenting weather forecasts. Read more 06:00 PM - 13th July, 2018
  • Megan behind the lighting desk for Hedda Gabler, a production that she also helped to organise and stage. Megan has ambitions to continue working in the theatre and she’s already demonstrated to us that she can do this with flair. Read more 03:15 PM - 12th July, 2018
  • For those that missed it here's a short showreel of our recent immersive production of Hedda Gabler and the themes the play deals with. Students transformed several spaces in and around the College for a promenade performance. Read more 06:00 PM - 9th July, 2018
  • In a listening event facilitated by Lydia , students gave their views on their own personal safety, with the objective of forming a committee to bring about change in local communities. Read more 09:37 AM - 9th July, 2018
  • A scene captured from our recent immersive production of Hedda Gabler. The production was overseen by Ms Nash, our dedicated drama teacher, and Mr Caplin, our visiting theatre design professional Read more 06:00 PM - 6th July, 2018