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Success after St Charles: How our students go on to achieve

Ciaran Ward

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

Media Manager and Spokesman for the Office of Tony Blair

"St Charles College is the place where I discovered my interest in politics and how to effect change. I didn’t realise at the time that the discussions I had with teachers and students, the skills that I developed, would be invaluable at every stage of my career. As a result of my time at St Charles, I now get to work on issues of global importance every day. This simply wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of my teachers, to building the confidence of students, to going the extra mile for each and every one of us. I can’t thank St Charles College enough."

Alex Molano

Sacred Heart High School

Community Campaigner

"St Charles is where I found my ‘political compass’. My Sociology and Psychology classes were inspiring and illuminating. Teachers provided support and studying strategies that were very helpful at University. However, it was Spanish that inspired me to view things in a more global context through Spanish literature. I started the Amnesty International students’ group there and the experience set me up to pursue my interests in global and local communities at University and beyond."

Noel Clarke

Burlington Danes School

Award Winning Actor and Writer

"St Charles College put me on the path that I am on today. Studying the A levels I did fuelled the passion I had for acting and I was encouraged every step of the way. Without the support of the College and its staff, I wouldn’t be doing what I am now."

Feyisara Ackah

Gumley House School

Junior Doctor

"My time at St. Charles is one of the most memorable periods in my life. The learning environment struck the right balance between encouraging independence yet being supportive. This built the confidence and self discipline needed for a career in medicine and university life in general. My tutors were brilliant in helping me choose between science and performing arts and together they helped me to identify a path into higher education that suited me best. I am the first doctor in my family – a success I could not have achieved without St. Charles College."

Shane Mitchell

St Thomas More

Corporate Lawyer

"I enjoyed my time immensely at St Charles due to the quality of teacher/student relationships and the life-long friends I made there. The teachers were determined to stretch you academically ensuring you fulfilled your ability; this was great preparation for a career in law where you face new challenges on a daily basis. I owe any successes I have had or may have in the future to the academic teaching and pastoral support I received during my time at St Charles."

Shannon Murray

Queens College

Disability Campaigner

"When I started at St Charles it was only eighteen months after my accident, I was nervous, afraid and unsure of how other students would react to me; I was the only wheelchair user in a college of 500 students! When I left three years later, I was confident, independent and had come to enjoy being different and standing out from the crowd. This was largely due to the freedom I was given by staff and the inclusion and equal treatment I received from fellow students."

Carlo Ramirez

Cardinal Vaughan School

Investment Banker

"I always felt that the college, after school, gave us the space and confidence to shape our learning and our future in any way we wanted. My time at St Charles impressed on me the importance of continuing to ask questions in life and that learning definitely doesn’t stop with the end of the last examination…the more you try things and test yourself the more you’ll develop."

Rahema Bibi

Sion Manning Girls School


"My experience at St Charles was definitely a memorable one! Studying there was a major stepping stone for me. The teachers were fantastic, extremely supportive and would never hesitate to go out of their way to help you that little bit more. They made me realise my true potential and encouraged me to pursue a career in Medicine. I cannot thank everyone enough at St Charles for instilling the confidence I required to become a qualified doctor!"

Craig Bull

Burlington Danes School

Senior Teacher

"I can honestly say that I would not be where I am now if it were not for St. Charles. It offered me a sense of support through a daunting time, encouragement when I was unsure about my future and lasting friendships. The key for me is that I am now in a job that I look forward to every day."

Freda Chisambi

Sacred Heart High School

Magazine Features Writer

"St Charles was a crucial experience on the road to my chosen career. I could not have succeeded without the freedom and support I was given by both teachers and fellow students. The English classes enabled me to discover some fantastic texts and ignited a passion for literature, which I went on to develop at university. I can say, without hesitation, that I had the time of my life there!"

Alwyn Lobo

Overseas Student


"St Charles was a life changer for me since I entered the UK in 2007 from India. The exceptional teachers were a unique asset at the college; they were always there to help in your studies. I truly enjoyed my time balancing academic work with the range of enrichment activities. The strong Catholic ethos is obvious in the day to day running of the college. The College had the full range of support that you need to motivate you to do as well as you can!"

Annique Simpson

Kingsbury High School

Development Officer: NHS

"My time at St Charles was by far my most enjoyable academic experience to date. I always felt sufficiently supported and considerably challenged by my teachers and was always encouraged to go the extra mile in order to maximise my achievements. I believe the College’s religious ethos contributed to the sense of solidarity that I felt among my peers. It is these experiences that have fuelled my love for education and have enabled me to pursue excellence in all that I do.”"

Martin Roach

Cardinal Vaughan School

Design Company Manager

"When I arrived, St Charles was brand new and there was a real buzz about the place. We had to grow up quickly and manage our time efficiently and this has been key in my professional life. Visiting the College years later I notice that the initial momentum has developed even further, driving students forward to achieve the best they can in an environment that nurtures respect and tolerance."

Afraa Ali

Fulham Cross School

International Development Worker

"Since graduating I have been involved in international development projects in Central America. I have been grateful to St Charles College for enabling me to follow the combination of subjects that suited me perfectly and for supporting me fully in my application to a leading university. The English department, in particular, helped develop my confidence and competence in writing and communication skills which are now proving invaluable in my professional work."

Martin Ijaha

St Thomas More School

Financial Investor

"It was only after leaving that I realised how lucky I was to have been taught in such a balanced environment. St Charles has a great combination of educational focus, teachers who encourage you to ask questions and, most importantly, exposure to such a mixed social group. My time at St Charles gave me the flexibility and confidence to enter a career I did not originally focus on at college because of that invaluable balance - it really puts you ahead of the pack."

Tanya Edwards

Sacred Heart High School


"The subjects I studied at St Charles definitely supported my progress to the professional success I enjoy today. I always knew I was a performer and Mr Falconer in the Performing Arts department really pushed me to get to where I wanted to be. I took advantage of the enrichment opportunities or anything extra that could help me develop. My College years were a great time for me, I treasure my memories of them and thank all at St Charles who helped me on my way."

Kofi Wiafe

Burlington Danes School

City Dealer

"What I remember about St Charles is the friendships I was able to make with students and teachers. Humour makes the world go around, and that was in abundance at the College. It was the quality of the teacher/student relationships here, and the encouragement I received, that gave me the confidence and self-belief to develop lasting client relationships in my work now: and they achieve results."

Maria Rembert

Sacred Heart High School


"I will never forget St Charles College for the support and encouragement I was offered for my personal and academic progress. I met teachers there who remain models of excellence for me and I hope that one day, in my own work, I will make just as significant an impact on the lives of other young people."

Max Gordon

Alta Loma High School

Charity Manager

"At St. Charles I found teachers who fostered an atmosphere of mutual respect and trusted me to take responsibility for my own studies. I finally felt stretched and engaged by learning. I really had fun with each of my subjects and each prepared me for my future in unexpected ways. I will remember it as a time of exciting change and new ideas."

Wole Adesemoye

St Thomas More School


"Being captain of the football team at St Charles taught me how to set the example and lead from the front. My PE teacher, Mr Delaney, always insisted that we never give up; even when we were not winning we should keep our composure and our self-belief. I use that outlook in my work as a firefighter and while filming “Last Man Standing” - that’s what helped me win!"

Zulfiye Kazim

Burlington Danes School

Teacher in UN refugee camps in Lebanon & Officer with United Nations World Food Programme

"Charles College was a huge turning point for me. Like a lot of people from my background, even being the first generation to go to university was an achievement. However, the teachers here pushed me and encouraged me to dream big, believing in mypotential and suggesting that I apply to one of the best universities in the world. I thought ‘people like me don’t go to places like that!’, but St Charles was the perfect environment to challenge all the barriers that sometimes limit us. I had all the resources, all the support and all the guidance to lift my own expectations and now I work at a global level"

Tendai Sibanda

Phoenix High School

Management Consultant

"I will always treasure my time at St Charles partly for the lasting friendships I made and also for the knowledge and support provided by the staff . I am grateful for the dedication and drive shown by all my teachers at St Charles, without which I do not think I would have applied to Oxford. There was a conscious eff ort to provide curricular and extra-curricular support to help maximise my chances of winning a place at Oxford. Furthermore I very much enjoyed St Charles’ dedication to the arts through all the charity events, musicals and talent shows that took place during my time there."

Sath Ganesarajah

Burlington Danes School

Financial Markets Trader at an International Investment Bank

"I became a student at St. Charles by complete chance - my brother attended St. Charles and (like many) my family chose a sixth form close to home. However, what I quickly realised was that St. Charles wasn’t just about attending routine classes. Having friends from all walks of life gave me confi dence, the sheer enthusiasm of my teachers encouraged me to work hard and my tutors guided me through to one of the top universities in the country. So I was lucky to end up at St. Charles... the success which followed was by no means down to chance."

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