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Level: Intermediate (Level 2)Awarding Body: OCR

Why study Digital Media?

Film and TV are two of the world’s biggest industries. The Cambridge L2 Diploma in Digital Media has been developed to meet the needs of the film, television and digital production industries in the U.K. and London specifically. Students will be introduced to techniques and approaches in both theoretical and technical skills.

This course will enable students to develop and visualise ideas through the production cycle, from planning and scripting in pre-production through to filming, editing and post-production.

Students will also learn how different media institutions operate to create products that will appeal to specific target audiences and how meaning is created through visual codes.

What can it lead to?

It will provide learners with the opportunity through applied learning to develop the core specialist knowledge, skills and understanding required in the digital media sector.

Most students who complete the CTEC L2 Diploma in Digital Media will progress to the Level 3 course. Alternatively, students can choose to directly enter training in the screen industries for roles such as runner, production assistant, assistant director or as an intern.

How is the course organised?

Awarding Body: OCR

You will follow the Moving Image and Audio Production pathway

There are seven units in total that build sequentially through the year with knowledge and skills improving along your learning journey.

How is the course assessed?

• All units are mandatory in the pathway.

• Two units are externally assessed; the remaining units are internally assessed and externally moderated

• Two units includes synoptic assessment

What do I need to qualify for this course?

GCSEs mainly 2’s and 3’ with a minimum of 2 grade 4’s, including BTEC L1 Merit/Merit plus 2 GCSE’s Grade 4 and above in the subject. An interest in Media Production (photography, video, audio, social media)

Who are the teachers?

Mr M Sewell. Lead teacher

Mr A Jones.

Plus technical and production support

You will also be taught and trained by a range of visiting lecturers, speakers and industry professionals.

What do students say about the course?

"Digital Media is interesting and fun. I am encouraged to take risks, work hard and build skills. The teachers are really helpful, giving us resources to help with our work and always making time for their students, which is appreciated. The subject has also helped me improve my time management and social skills." – Shaniya

Extra Curricular Resources

Textbook (Level 3 content also for Level 2 courses)

Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Digital Media

Victoria Allen, Karl Davis, Richard Howe, Ian Marshall, Kevin Wells