Admissions Criteria and Procedures for Entry in August 2021

St Charles Catholic Sixth form College is committed to the personal and spiritual growth of all its students based on Christian Values, academic excellence and high quality Pastoral Care.  St Charles College welcomes students of all religious backgrounds who wish to pursue their studies in an explicitly Christian context and support the Catholic ethos of the College.

The entry requirements for the different programme levels are made clear in the Courses section on the website.  The entry criteria for individual courses can be viewed on the individual course pages in that section.  These entry requirements are the same for all applicants.

The College has an inclusive admissions policy, and all applicants who successfully complete the application process, irrespective of academic ability or prior achievement, can expect to receive an offer, subject to a satisfactory school reference.  The College, similarly, has an inclusive curriculum offer which is designed to cater for the needs of all students at its partner schools and beyond.


Order of Priority for Admissions:

  1. ‘Looked After’ children and ‘Previously Looked After’ children.


  1. Applicants with Specific Needs

The governors will give priority of consideration to applications from students with specific physical or learning needs (EHCP).  An open choice of course will be made at enrolment, provided the required entry qualifications for specific courses have been met.

  1. Applicants from Catholic Partner Schools

The College has a partnership with two secondary Catholic schools:  St Thomas More Specialist Language College in Chelsea, and All Saints Catholic College in Kensington.  On application to the College, the College will ensure the offer of a place to the pupils of these schools, provided satisfactory references are met.  The required entry criteria for courses will still operate in all cases.

  1. Applicants from outside the Partner School group

Such applicants, can expect an offer, subject to a satisfactory school reference, and provided the published entry criteria are met.  Should the required entry qualifications not be met by the applicant, the College will endeavour to make an alternative course offer at the point of enrolment.  In the event of all appropriate courses being full, the College reserves the right to withdraw the right of admission.

Unsuccessful Applicants

The College reserves the right to refuse/withdraw an offer of a place at the College if:

  1. The reference from the student’s current place of study is unsatisfactory.
  2. The student’s course or career preferences cannot be accommodated by the College
  3. The application is not received in suitable time, and/or the College has no availability (such applications may be placed on the waiting list)

Admissions Procedure

Online Applications

You can apply online via the College website.  Your application will be acknowledged by email, and a reference request will be sent direct to your current school/college.  

Paper Applications

You can make a paper application, which is available on request from the College.  This can be submitted by hand or by post.  Once you have completed the application, you should give the whole form to your Head of Year/Tutor to complete the reference section, together with the pre-paid envelope provided.  After we have received your application form with the completed reference, we will contact you, by post or email, regarding a place at the College.

If you have received an offer of a place at St Charles, we expect you to decide whether or not you wish to take up that offer, and inform us accordingly, within 14 days of receipt.

Those students who have accepted an offer, are then given further information about our enrolment procedures in the summer.

Any student failing to follow these enrolment procedures, beginning on the advertised first day of enrolment, may forfeit their place at the College.


Admissions Criteria updated October 2020



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