Abdullah Abdullah

King's College Graduate

Abdullah Abdullah was a student at St Charles from 2010 to 2014.

Abdullah described how his dyslexia hindered his reading and writing (and his self-esteem) throughout his primary and secondary education.  However, when he joined St Charles, he started to achieve and finally reach his considerable potential. With great determination and application, and with the considerable help of Learning Support teachers, Abdullah turned failure into success. He learnt to develop his memory and listening skills, joined the debating society and achieved GCSEs in Maths and English in order to progress to A Level Geography, a perfect accompaniment to Level 3 Travel and Tourism.

With a particular interest in climate change and how Geography impacts on politics and global issues such as inequality, natural disasters and overpopulation, Abdullah was determined to further his studies at university level. He was offered places by all five of his chosen universities and eventually went to King’s College, London, where he graduated from with a 2:1.

Abdullah is now considering a career in the Civil Service or teaching.

Abdullah Abdullah
Dyslexia really affected my reading and writing abilities, as well as my self-esteem, all throughout primary and secondary school.  But when I started at St Charles, I got all the help and support I needed and was able to reach my full potential.