Therese Orosco

Elvie joined St Charles from Sion Manning R.C. Girls School and achieved D*D* in BTEC Diploma Travel & Tourism, as well as B in A Level Business Studies. Elvie is currently studying a BA Hons in Airline and Airport Management at the University of West London.

Being at St Charles was an amazing experience. As someone who was a new immigrant, coming to college felt welcoming and made me learn how to adjust from my previous study life in my country.  The teachers, staff and fellow classmates and friends that I met, made me feel college was not just an institution but also my Home from Home. The College helped me build up to what I am now in terms of my personality and character. St Charles contributed in helping me grow up, helping me adjust very easily to the new culture, environment, and the diversity which was far different from my home country.

During my time at the College, I took part in some enrichment activities like the Student Council, volunteering during some open days/evenings and liturgies and mostly, performing at the Cabaret, which really helped with my confidence and character. I am very pleased that I have been a part of this College and I honestly miss it.


Thank you St Charles for taking care of me and for building me up in preparation of what’s ahead in life.