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Posted on: 01/02/2019

Learning Support Star Student for January 2019

Kojo is in his second year at St Charles. He joined us from Ark Burlington Danes secondary school and is currently studying L2 Business Studies alongside Maths, having successfully progressed from Level 1 to Level 2 internally. He stated that studying Business at the next level this year felt like a “natural transition for him and he is thoroughly enjoying his Level 2 course”.

Kojo recently gained a Level 6 in his GCSE English Language. He says while he was extremely shocked, he was also ecstatic with his result. “I have learnt a lot from studying English with Ms.McHugh and I really enjoyed the creative writing tasks we were set in the lessons”.  This specific accomplishment has boosted Kojo’s confidence as he feels that a combination of both determination and hard work will allow him to be successful not only in his studies but also in everyday life.

Described as an enthusiastic and polite member of the college community, Kojo approaches everything he is involved in, in a calm and modest manner.  His form tutor, Ms Adam comments that Kojo is a helpful member of the group and this view is shared by his Pastoral Manager Ms Lancaster who states “Kojo is a sensitive and intelligent young man with a good sense of humour. Since joining the College in September 2017 he has gone from strength to strength, developing a focussed and mature attitude to his studies”.

Kojo himself feels that his time in St. Charles has been an exceptional experience for him and all his staff and peers agree that he is making remarkable progress, both academically and personally.  Ms Laurent from the Learning Support Department who supports him with his academic studies reports that Kojo is a courteous young man who works hard.  He has forged strong friendship groups and is a sociable young man and his confidence and interaction with others is constantly evolving.  He feels that the opportunities provided at St. Charles have helped him develop his confidence in a variety of social situations from class trips to class presentations, to participating in work experience and to end of year cross-college events such as the College Student Conference organised by LS Department where he debated key college issues with peers and staff.

A popular member of his teaching group, Kojo demonstrates a strong passion for researching for his course work units. “Ms Mbambe’s lessons inspire me to do better, her lessons cover a wide range of topics which we have to investigate and this is very stimulating and rewarding”. Kojo has enjoyed learning about different types of businesses, finance, customer service and marketing across his business units.

Outside of college, Kojo is very family orientated and loves spending time engaging in fun activities such as playing tennis with his family and friends. He says playing tennis is thrilling as it enables him to master skills and situations that he once considered difficult. This resilient attitude is a strong part of Kojo’s character; “I don’t like to give up easily, sometimes it’s tough to complete a task I may view as challenging but I like the feeling you get when you have achieved something you thought you couldn’t”.

Kojo has not yet decided on the career he is going to pursue but he feels his experience at St. Charles so far as empowered him “to push his best foot forward.” We are all confident Kojo will continue to reach successful milestones through his hard work, determination and impeccable manners. Keep up the good work Kojo!