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Posted on: 03/06/2019

Learning Support Star Student for May 2019

Daniyal is in his a second year here at St Charles and previously attended Parayhouse School. He is currently studying L2 Travel and Tourism, GCSE English and GCSE Maths, having successfully progressed from Level 1 ICT. Daniyal states that studying Travel and Tourism is ‘enjoyable’ as he is able to understand how organisations in the industry, especially his family business, functions.

Daniyal’s parents run two successful hospitality businesses in London. He states “studying travel and tourism allows me to bring new ideas to my parents’ hotels; I now understand how hard it is to make sure the business remains successful.” The Travel and Tourism department appreciates Daniyal’s presence and states that “Daniyal is one of the few students who takes the opportunity to attend all the workshops, trips and career development programmes that the department offers.” Daniyal thoroughly enjoys learning about the travel and tourism industry as it will allow him to take on more responsibilities at his parents’ hotels in the future.

Daniyal is a polite student who has a very positive attitude towards his learning. Daniyal’s LSA, Chris Gyakyi states that “Daniyal’s independent study skills have gradually increased as the academic year progressed.” Recently, Daniyal achieved a L2 pass for his Travel and Tourism exams. “I first struggled to come to terms with the exam unit. I wanted to give up because it was a very hard. However, with the support of my LSA Chris and revising at home with my parents, I was able to feel confident in taking the exam.” Daniyal has a growth mindset and is always willing to tackle new obstacle and challenges.  

Undeniably, Daniyal is an active member of the Learning Support Department. He is enthusiastic about getting involved in the activities prepared by the learning support team and recognises the department for helping him and develop confidence. He recognises that the area is a comforting and supporting environment to get work done so that he is able to grow academically and personally. His form tutor, Ms. Cotter, declares that “Daniyal willingly contributes to the college community through the fundraising activities and gets involved in group discussions during tutor time; he has developed social skills and he is popular amongst his peers.”

While Daniyal’s roots are in the hospitality sector, he demonstrates a strong passion for movies too and would like to possibly pursue a career in the mass media as a film critic. “I’ve always loved watching films and discussing them with my family and friends after.” He recently watched ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and describes it as one of the best movies of 2019. Daniyal professes that ‘going to the cinema makes you forget about your worries; it’s like entering a different world.’ Daniyal has improved on his analytical skills through studying Travel and Tourism and GCSE English and he wishes to develop additional skills which will directly affect his craft.

We are confident Daniyal will continue to achieve in his endeavours through his hard-work and determination. Well done Daniyal and we cannot wait to hear your commentary on the next big movie and visit you as managing director of a hotel in the future!