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Posted on: 19/12/2019

Spreading Christmas Cheer at St Charles

It was another ‘cracker’ of a Christmas at St. Charles Sixth Form College with 40 plus students celebrating the end of term in true festive style. The event on Wednesday 18th December was organised by the College’s Learning Support Department as a thank you to a cross-college cohort of SEND students and peers from all level courses, for all their contributions and hard work during a long first term.

Ms Ibrahim and Mr Mayank were in charge of invitations and dutifully delivered! It was lovely to see so many students come together for this fun, social activity to round the term off; an event which now has some well-established traditions in place. Under the creative eye of Ms Coyne and colleagues, the kitchen was transformed into a glittering and colourful scene in preparation for the festivities. The now infamous Photo Booth which was designed with great artistic flair and detail by Ms Young and ably assisted by Mrs Menon and Ms Henriques, was much revered by students and staff. All shamelessly donned some wacky festive costumes and props, creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all.

But no photos for nostalgia were taken until everyone feasted on their favourite pizza, which is now the highlight of these occasions. A myriad of pizza boxes appeared in a timely fashion courtesy of Ms Lancaster’s courier service assisted by Mr Gyakyi, who also we must add took his role of security with a “No invite, No Entry” policy very seriously during the event alongside Mr Elebiju! With no time wasted Mrs Cotter, Ms Kilnc and Ms Laurent went to work to ensure all the food and refreshments were served promptly, efficiently and with a smile! Ms Ibrahim was poised with her camera to capture the Christmas cheer throughout and both she and Miss Ojeka ensured the festive tunes kept entertaining the audience. While all the chatter and frolics was underway Ms Wilson Gayle and Ms Guei were busy distributing raffle tickets and following a powerful drum roll, L3 Travel & Tourism student, Miracle Luke, scooped the 1st prize which she said she was delighted with; “I was so pleased to get the first prize of a voucher for a restaurant meal and I am looking forward to treating my family.” 2nd prize went to L3 Travel and Tourism student Elvie Orosco and 3rd prize to Patrick Scott, vice president of our very own college council. There was one another additional surprise for a student on the day as L1 Business student Abdi Kossar was presented with a prize for being the Star Student of the Term. Abdi said: “It was amazing to have my name called out and to be given a prize in front of everyone, thanks!”

There was no doubt that everyone enjoyed and appreciated the festivities which proved to be an excellent social bonding event. Level 1 Business student, Enrique stated: “It was a great way to end the term with everyone winding down sitting and chatting to each other, great food and the photo booth looked great fun too!” Thanks to all the students and staff who supported this event and made the end of term special. A particular note of thanks to Prachi Bhagat who used some of her recent Jack Petchey award money to subsidise the event. We wish everyone a happy, healthy and rewarding 2020!

Learning Support Team