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Posted on: 05/05/2020

Learning Support Star Student of the Term Feb 2020

Our Student of the Term

February 2020

Abdishakuur Kossar


Abdishakuur is in his first year here at St. Charles Sixth Form College. He previously attended Parayhouse School and is currently studying L1 Business alongside Entry level Functional Skills English and Maths. Abdishakuur who likes to be called Abdi, enjoys studying Business and expresses that he has had an interest in the business industry from an early age. Coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs, he tells me that “ becoming a business tycoon has been a dream of mine ever since I was in primary school and studying business at St. Charles is allowing me to take my first steps in fulfilling my dream”. The L1 Business teachers, Ms. Capote and Ms. Mbambe appreciate Abdi’s contributions to their lessons and states that “Abdi always takes advantage of all the opportunities available to him; attending all the workshops, trips and career development programmes that the department and college offers.”


Staff members across the college state that Abdi is a polite student who has an extremely positive attitude towards learning. Denice Wilson-Gayle (LSA) states that “Abdi is always helpful and polite, he enjoys working collaboratively as well as independently and is always willing to challenge himself. It is apparent that Abdi has a growth mind-set.” He is always up for a challenge and willing to tackle any obstacle  it seems that get in the way of him making progress!


Abdi is certainly a valued member of the Learning Support Department. He is always enthusiastic and willing to get involved in activities. He fully embraces the learning support area as he believes it is a ‘safe place’ and “a supportive environment to complete work and make new friends”. His form tutor Ms. Cotter, affirms that “Abdi is a helpful member of the tutor group. He always gets involved in the tutorial activities and contributes positively to the college community. He regularly receives Cause for Congratulations from his teachers and he maintains an excellent attendance record of 99%.” One factor that concerned Abdi when he started at St. Charles he said  was making friends; “When I first started St. Charles I wanted to make new friendship groups but I was nervous about talking to people. However, one of the first persons I spoke to was Enrique  in my business class and we are now good friends. Although we argue all the time about which football team is better, we have fun times together and we have got to know lots of other students too through using the  learning support area and in our groups. St Charles is a very friendly environment which is very accepting of everyone ad this makes me happy here.”


Even though Abdi aspires to be in the business sector, he also displays a strong interest in the film industry. He regularly attends the College’s  enrichment film club with his friends and Mr. Jones. His favourite film of all time is ‘Logan’ he tells me because of its great storyline and Hugh Jackman is one of Abdi’s favourite actors! Abdi explains that the film club helped him develop confidence in openly discussing his thoughts and feelings on a topic, a skill he was uncomfortable with previously. “St. Charles has helped me become more confident and independent” he comments  and he feels that he has grown in maturity these past few months in particular.


Abdi has displayed great resilience to date. He was acknowledged at the Learning Support Christmas end of term 1 celebration as the student who had made the most progress since transitioning to sixth form term. We are confident Abdishakuur will continue to achieve in his endeavours through his hard-work and determination. Congratulations Abdi and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!


Interview conducted by DWG from LS Dpt.