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Posted on: 28/04/2021

Meet LRC Volunteer: Emily Brown

Last week I met the wonderful Emily Brown. Emily joined us at St Charles in September 2020 and is now studying A Level English Literature, History and Geography. She is a fantastic LRC Volunteer and representative of our student body, who “always turns up on time and does her work diligently” as our LRC Manager, Michelle Active, shared with us. 

Emily Brown 2

What made you choose to volunteer in our College Library?

I chose to volunteer at the LRC due to the peaceful learning environment and friendly staff members. It also seemed like a good match to my personality, as I consider myself an introvert.

Emily Brown 5

What are your day to day responsibilities?

Overall, I have different responsibilities ranging from cleaning quarantined books and shelving them to redesigning the LRC's display. This past week it changed from Travel and Tourism to English Literature. My most typical task is labelling books with their corresponding category, such as Susan Hill's books are typically in the horror and suspense category, whereas Amanda Hocking writes paranormal romance and young adult fiction. I enjoy this responsibility as it allows me to make my own reading list from scanning the books and reading the blurb (currently I have around 9 books as a future read). One of my favourite tasks was in December 2020 where I was asked to put up the Library's Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments and lights, I also remember how much of a struggle we had trying to get the tree to stand straight!

Emily Brown 4

What skills have you gained from volunteering at the Library?

Volunteering at the LRC has boosted my confidence but more importantly it has taught me organisation, time keeping and communication skills that I can transfer into my future employability.

What would you say to students who may be thinking about doing this volunteering?

To students who are interested in volunteering here, I would say don't hesitate and come on in as there's always a need for another pair of hands and everyone is very welcoming here. Plus it’s a good job if they need to fill some time with meaningful tasks, instead of being on their phones!

How does volunteering at the library support you with your studies?

Volunteering teaches me more about the wide range of resources that the LRC provides for the college as well as the lunch vouchers I receive that I definitely rely on weekly. Plus from a first-hand experience I know the library is a safe place to work and read, without the distraction of noise.


Thank you for your time Emily. Keep up the great work!


Ms Elena Ahmadian,

Marketing & Enrolment Manager