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Posted on: 17/05/2021

'Through the Director's Lens: The Art of Storytelling' with guest speaker Amanda Blue

This past Friday, St Charles had the pleasure of welcoming BAFTA nominated film director, Amanda Blue, for a storytelling workshop in which students--and some staff!--gained insight on the creative process for short, factual, and long-form storytelling through the medium of film. Accompanied by a three-part viewing of Ms. Blue’s work, our BTEC and A Level Media students were able to engage with professional craftsmanship for TV series, advertising, and feature length documentary work through a guided discussion.


Year 12 student, Aroun Kamara, said “I learnt about just how many fields you can pursue in media and filmmaking, so you are not restricted to any specific role, which was interesting to hear from Amanda.” Following a showcase of clips from two BBC2 series, “Big School Lottery” and “Twincredibles,” both of which Ms. Blue directed, Aroun reflected on the power images have to transform lives and shift our perspective by noting that, “the different aspects of life, different cultures and backgrounds influence our life choices...a person who is privileged has more opportunities than someone who does not have access to those privileges, which was an eye opener to the life someone can live on a daily basis.”

Year 12 student, Juliano Lattouf, was equally moved by the magic of producing for commercial work after watching adverts for Dove, Volkswagen, and a campaign piece for the company Scam Smart, stating that he “learnt that you can make good quality adverts with a lower budget.”


With all the commotion of an ending school year-- set against the backdrop of a global pandemic--Ms. Blue left us with the knowledge that at the heart of storytelling exists truth, beauty, and compassion; something she hopes to encourage out of her art no matter the project, which is, coincidentally, something we work at to inspire in our students, daily, here at St Charles.


- Lillian Hardester, Digital Media Technician and Production Director