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Posted on: 04/06/2016

Jack Petchey Award Winner June 2016

Congratulations to Khalani Peart! Kelani

Khalani Peart is a first year student here at St. Charles studying an AS programme of Business studies, PE and Sociology. She is a reliable and conscientious student with an excellent attendance record; 94%.  She was nominated for the Jack Petchey Award for her significant contributions to the College in 2015/16.

Khalani is an important member of the College’s netball squad who have had a very successful season indeed! She represented the College in all fixtures and was a valuable member of the team. She has an excellent manner and works hard to attend both training and matches alongside her other commitments to Arsenal ladies and England youth teams. She is an excellent all round sports woman and an inspiration to other female students in the college wanting to get involved in sport. Khalani is also an exemplary member of the College’s PE department where her willingness to help out and support where necessary is an asset. She is a positive role model to her peers.

All her teachers describe her as a polite, friendly and extremely enthusiastic young woman.

Outside college, Khalani is equally as active and enthusiastic and having just signed full contract terms with Arsenal ladies football club, she is kept busy!

Khalani said “I love all the things I do but it’s nice to be acknowledge for them."

Khalani and the PE Department decided to purchase A GoPro camera The camera will aid our PE students in filming their practical performance, play them back and review to help them with their overall practical attainment.  The camera will be valuable in filming and assessing sport enrichment games and training sessions (netball, boys and girls basketball) and marketing material for the new college website to celebrate the diverse and inclusive range of sports and activities we provide our students at St. Charles.