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Posted on: 27/06/2017

Jack Petchey Award Winners 2017

Jack Petchey Winners 2017St. Charles’ continued participation in the Jack Petchey Gold programme enables us to award nine well-deserving students this prestigious and coveted award in the calendar year. The first set of winners for this round (January 2017 to June 2017) recently received their certificates from the College Principal, Mrs Elaine Taylor, in front of peers and staff at the College’s annual Enrichment Awards ceremony. All award winners receive £250 which they spend on an item of their choosing which benefits a cross-section of students and activities, contributing 100% to the college community.  Below is a quick round-up of these first six winners who will be later joined by 3 more worthy winners for September, October & November 2017 and all will be invited to attend a borough glitzy ceremony at Kensington Town Hall in January 2018.  Well done to everyone involved and thank you to all staff and students who sent in nominations. Keep them coming please!

January 2017 Ehige Obasuyi

Ehige was nominated for the award by Dean Banks and his colleagues in the Sports Department for his outstanding contribution to sport.  Dean states “I think Ehige would be an excellent choice for the Jack Petchey award, not only for his contribution this academic year but for his contribution to sport here at St Charles for the past 3 years”.  Other teachers in the department also cite his excellent sportsmanship. Ehige is the College’s football first team goalkeeper and has had a fantastic season! The whole team have benefited enormously from his confident, calming presence in goal.  A regular at football training over the past 3 years, his skill and knowledge has really grown in the sport. He is an excellent all round team player, always willing and happy to step in if the 2nd team need a player. It’s not just football that he plays an active role in and is helpful with; he regularly attends multi-sport Monday, badminton and futsal clubs and he can always be relied upon to help set up and put away equipment without prompting. It is this humble, supportive and helpful attitude that makes him stand out. In addition, Ehige also participated in the College’s sports charity events (5 a side football and table tennis) and played a pivotal role in their success. He also enjoys working out in the gym a lot. A great all-round sports person, he is also busy studying for his A levels in PE, Business, Media and Sociology. Ehige enjoys all his subjects but next year he hopes to study Computer Science at university. His main interest is software development. On a voluntary basis, Ehige is actively involved in his local youth club, supporting younger children in the local community through sports and activities. He also enjoys football and is often rubbing shoulders with top players; Ademola Lookman (Everton) is a good friend of his he tells me! Ehige himself  is one to watch as a “good all-rounder”. We wish him every success in his future.

Ehige says “I feel honoured. I had heard about the award in secondary school and always considered it a prestigious award but never thought I would ever be given it. It’s great; truly”.

Ehige is giving his £250 to subsidise a PGL trip for cross-college students organised by the PE Department. A group of 30 students will attend a weekend residential trip to Condover Hall from 30/06/2017 to 02/07/2017 to participate in a variety of swashbuckling outward- bound activities; developing team work and problem solving skills in addition to boosting confidence and providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Ehige’s contribution will enable students who might not otherwise have been able to attend, to attend.

February 2017 Leonie Johnson

Leonie was nominated by her performing arts teacher Ms Nash for this award and her nomination was supported by pastoral colleagues and peers.  Leonie has shown incredible determination and resilience in the face of adversity. Having suffered bereavement in the middle of her A level exams last year, she persevered and excelled, achieving A and B grades. She studies English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics and Performing Arts.  Despite facing many challenges, Leonie puts 100% into her studies and is fully committed to her work. Ms Nash states that she is “incredibly hardworking and motivated; is an extremely talented performer and is on target to study her chosen course in dance at university and has been busy attending auditions recently”.

Leonie has played a pivotal role in the College’s last 2 Christmas Cabaret productions; an enrichment activity for cross-college students. She was also a lead member of the St. Charles Dance Company last year winning the secondary category in the Dance Showdown competition. Leonie has performed at the Saatchi Gallery, having devised her own dance, music and drama sections for the piece she was in. Outside her college studies, she also studied an extra AS in Dance at the Royal Academy and having attended a public audition, Leonie was given a part in a professional dance company (“The What is Written Dance Company”) and performed at the Place Theatre with them. Due to her mature and hardworking approach, the company members thought Leonie was a university student instead of a sixth former until well into the project! She has now been offered many places at university, where her talent and technical ability have been recognised. Her first choice is Shock Out Arts Academy in Manchester.

Leonie is a popular member of the Performing Arts department where she willingly supports everyone with kindness and empathy. She is a modest young woman with an infectious sense of humour, always encouraging and motivating her peers who enjoy being around her!

Leonie says “I am delighted to have won a Jack Petchy Award but I am even more pleased to know that my friends and teachers have faith in me. After a challenging year, motivation and resilience have become two key factors which are very much a part of my life, nurturing my growth both mentally and physically. Eager to pursue a career in professional dance, my friends and those who have nominated me have continued to encourage me to stay optimistic and work hard which I strongly believe has contributed to my success in gaining 4 unconditional offers for a degree in professional dance after attending numerous auditions during the year. The Performing Arts department has given me a second home. This Jack Petchey award is more than just an achievement, it is a reflection of all the obstacles I have overcome and the love, support and fun I have gained in my journey at St Charles. I am forever grateful for everything and everyone who had been a part of this journey and greatly appreciates those who have invested their time in supporting me.”

Leonie has opted to spend her £250 award money to fund an end of year trip to Thorpe Park for her Performing Arts group who are a very close- knit group, accompanied by Ms. Nash. The money will cover the entrance cost for 10 students. With the remainder of the money, Leonie wants to purchase a Dance trophy to award future winners of St Charles’ dance competitions, leaving a legacy behind her. We wish Leonie every success in her future endeavours and we are confident we will be learning more about her in the future!

March 2017 Reiss Powell

Reiss was nominated for this award by Mrs Cotter and her colleagues in the LS department as well as by his peers. His nomination was unanimously supported by his tutor and subject teachers showing the high esteem he is held in at the college. It is Reiss’ sheer determination to succeed and his extreme resilience that make him stand out above others. He is now in his fourth and final year here at St Charles, having progressed from L1 to L3 where he is now destined to achieve the highest possible grades of Double Distinction. He also studies A level Media which he thoroughly enjoys and has excelled at. Mrs Cotter states that he has achieved amazingly and he has received his 5 conditional offers for university to study a Tourism Management degree. His travel and tourism teachers report that he is a very impressive student who is highly motivated.  They state that he does not just overcome barriers and challenges but he embraces them with a real positive attitude, always viewing them as opportunities to succeed rather than setbacks.  He never shies away from hard work! It was his outstanding work ethic, which is respected by teachers and peers alike, that served him well on his work experience at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in London where he repeatedly went above and beyond in all tasks, impressing management which resulted in paid employment there which he is fully committed to like a true professional. Reiss was a great ambassador for the College on their field trip to Lanzarote this year with his positive attitude and polite and co-operative approach.  He also previously gave willingly of his holiday time to support a physically disabled person during a college organised trip to Lourdes. He has great ambition and is always seeking to expand his knowledge and experience as demonstrated effectively during college organised training days at British Airways. His ambition and creativity does not stop there. In his free time he writes short stories and poetry, working with the publishing company “Puffin”. He is currently in the middle of writing a novel.

A truly humble and committed student with a great sense of humour, he is destined to do well in the future.   To cite one of his Media teachers, his “excellent attitude will get him far in life”. We will be keeping an eye on him for our Alumni stories!

Reiss says “I feel good about getting the award. I knew about it from school and it’s really nice to get recognition for all the work I have done and the impact I have had on people during my time at St. Charles. I have enjoyed my years at St. Charles and feel I have grown tremendously in confidence and character.”

Reiss decided to split his £250 between departments. He initially considered subsidising a trip for the T/T students or contributing towards a new Mac computer for LS students but finally decided on, due to timings and costs, to give £200 to the Media Studies Department who purchased 2 (x Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Closed-Back) Headphones for use for high end audio monitoring in the studio. These headphones will enable students who are working on editing films to produce fine, sharp audio files to accompany their films. This in turn increases students’ opportunities to maximise their grades as Media students are marked for audio work as part of their A Level programme. The rest of his money Reiss donated to the LS Department to help cover the costs of workshops for a Transition Event for new students to the College on June 30th 2017.

April 2017 Jaya Conhye

Jaya was nominated for the award by her peers and a range of staff who have worked closely with her on college projects. She is in her second year at St Charles studying A levels and GCSE English, having progressed from a programme of GCSEs last year. She is cited by her teachers as a mature and thoughtful student who works very well with others.  She is an extremely co-operative and collaborative worker. Jaya is indeed very serious about her studies and has received numerous certificates for her consistent effort and achievements. Her exemplary manners make her a very good role model for others. Her contributions to the College community are also exemplary. She played a key role in helping organise a number of events this academic year in the College. Working as part of a Student Voice & Activity Group on activities such as fundraising bake sales for The Big Coffee Morning for Macmillan Nurses, the NSPCC and Comic Relief, she helped raise approximately £100 for each charity, along with her peers. She was also instrumental in organising high profile, awareness raising activities including eye-catching displays for Holocaust Memorial Day and International Women’s Day. She is also a member of the College’s Charities Committee. It is her sheer willingness to get involved coupled with her pragmatic approach that makes her a valued addition to any team activity. She approaches all events with vigour and enthusiasm and is always up for trying out new ideas and activities. She was an excellent group member with her helpful and supportive approach on the College’s annual retreat trip to Kintbury this year. Jaya is a good all-round student with great potential and is a deserving recipient of this award. Outside college, Jaya has worked with the charity Scope and in her spare time enjoys the gym.

Jaya says “I really appreciate being awarded the Jack Petchey because it is a great pleasure to get acknowledged for my participation in events in college. I feel it will also motivate me to keep getting involved giving back to the college next year even more.”

A proactive and mature young woman, we are confident Jaya will achieve much more at St Charles and as we write, she is busy organising an end of year Student Conference with peers!

She has opted to spend her £250 award winnings as follows:

  • A visit to the French Institution in South Kensington, London for her A level French class x10 and teacher on the 4th July 2017 to include a workshop and activity on Immigration in France followed by a French lunch at the Institute.
  • Jaya is donating the remaining £50 towards refreshments for a Student Conference she is helping organise for 30/06/2017.

May 2017 Ausrine Zilionyte

Ausrine was nominated for her award by not just one of her teachers but by all of them! She was also put forward by her peers. She has been an exceptional student during her 4 years at St. Charles in terms of commitment to her studies and the wider college community. Her teachers describe her as a very serious and incredibly dedicated student. Her punctuality and attendance records have been consistently exemplary sitting at 100% throughout her time with us! Staff also report that she is a highly ambitious student whose formidable work ethic both enthuse and encourage peers to do their best. A pleasure to teach, she never loses faith and always bounces back from any set back demonstrating great resilience. A model student, her determination is paying off and she has received numerous college certificates and awards including a Charlie Media award for Best Cinematography in 2017. One of Ausrine’s huge strengths is her positive attitude. She is unfailing polite and always cheerful and always with a smile on her face. This sparkle and enthusiasm were a delight on the College’s Geography trip to Sicily last year.

Apart from her studies, Ausrine has been heavily involved in a variety of cross college activities during her time with us. She travelled to Lourdes with the College as a volunteer helping vulnerable visitors and she represented herself and the college admirably whilst there. She has been an exceptional tutor group representative and worked with the College’s Student Council. She has helped out at open mornings and interview events and helped organise a whole host of charity events in her form group and in the wider college community showing good leadership. She attended the College’s annual retreat to Kintbury and is a member of the College’s Chaplaincy Committee where she been an active participant in many of the numerous events organised by the group. And if all that was not enough, she is busy with lots of other extra-curricular activities outside. She has been a long term member of the Air Cadets and has fundraised on many occasions for the Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund. She has also completed the NCS Challenge and Duke of Edinburgh. Previously she attended Music School and she enjoys playing piano. Ausrine is now looking forward to a well-deserved summer holiday, visiting her country Lithuania and last summer when she visited Poland as part of World Youth Day, she felt privileged to have met the Pope.  Ausrine is a worthy recipient of this award and to cite her teachers: “If anyone is deserving of this award, it is Ausrine. She definitely should get it.”  Ausrine has had her offers for a degree in nursing which she is very well suited to. We wish her every success and are confident she will excel in her course and career.

Ausrine says “Sincerely, thank you. I really mean it! It’s an honour to win this amazing award! It’s the best feeling in the world to know that people care about me and what I do. I truly appreciate it. Jack Petchey award lights a light in everyone’s hearts. It spreads kindness and sends a message that no matter by what obstacles you are surrounded with in your life, it shows that it is possible to achieve anything, overcome fears and grow in confidence. I am honoured to receive this award and I hope it will help me to continue to spread kindness and positivity.”

Ausrine has chosen to split her award money between 3 departments who she feels have played a significant role in her life over the past few years at St. Charles. She is donating £100 to the Biology Department to buy graticules to be used for microscopy work to enhance students’ A level studies and potential grades in the subject. Another £100 she is giving to the Geography Department to subsidise an end of year trip (July 2017) to Brighton for Geography and Travel & Tourism students. The trip has 2 main aims, it will form part of 1) a Travel & Tourism unit on Planning an Event and 2) assist with independent investigation module for A level Geography. Both units are compulsory for students and the trip will assist them immensely with the completion of their coursework. The remaining £50 Ausrine is donating to the LS Department who have guided her in her studies over the years. The money will go towards the cost of lunch for new students attending a transition event on June 30th 2017 in the Department. Well done Ausrine; a good spread reflecting your continued commitment to the wider college community.

June 2017 Erin Hogan

Erin was nominated by Mr Wheatley and Ms Cahill for her commitment to her studies and her contributions to the College community. Erin boasts an excellent attendance record on her A level programme of study in Art and Design, English Literature and History where she is a diligent and dedicated student.  She is quite a humble young woman who enjoys her studies and getting involved. She represents the student body on the College’s Equality and Diversity Committee where she is proving to be a valued member with her enthusiasm and insight into matters discussed. She is also an active member of the College’s Student Council and the newly formed debating enrichment club. Outside college, she is also busy with her work as part of an advisory group with North West London Action for Children helping reform mental health services for young people. She is reported to be held in high regard by her colleagues there where she articulates her views and recommendations admirably and credibly in meetings dealing with one of the most important issues affecting young people in today’s society. In the future Erin is torn between studying History at university or going to Art School to develop her creative side. She has another year at college to reflect on this she acknowledges and we are confident she will contribute a lot to the college in the coming year. There are already plans in place to help with some awareness raising events so watch this space!

Erin says “I was surprised to have been nominated but pleased to receive it for activities/events that I am involved with that I am passionate about. I enjoy making an impact where I can by raising awareness of key issues affecting young people today.”

Erin is spending her money on a new digital camera for her College’s Art Department. This digital SLR camera will directly benefit A level Art students as they will be able to record their work in a more professional and polished way for their portfolios. This will have a direct impact on the quality of their work which in turn will strengthen their portfolios for application for further study as well as for assessment for their A Level qualification.