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Posted on: 06/07/2017

Tales from Work Experience: Britannia Row

Jack Collins, who is currently a student on the Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners Course, was lucky enough to gain work experience at Britannia Row:

"For a week in the middle of June, I was given an amazing opportunity to enter a workBritannia Row experience programme at Europe’s biggest audio equipment hire companies, Britannia Row. The company was established by Pink Floyd in the early seventies and was originally based in Islington. The company was set up for Pink Floyd to loan out their equipment to other musicians whilst they took a break. In 1975, they provided sound for a crowd of 100,000 at Knebworth Park, Herts.

During my week at Britannia Row, I was faced with many different tasks. My first couple of days consisted of testing equipment which had been returned by artists and also building a PA rack for the Weeknd’s European Tour. I felt that from the knowledge I had gained from my current music course I was able to go straight into working with these sorts of technology. The second half of my week was working with speakers and amplifiers, a field I felt more comfortable working in. My role would consist of repairing any faulty speakers, PAT testing and managing performing frequency tests on monitors and larger scale speakers.

During my week, I had to work with a new artist every day, such as Phil Collins, Liam and Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney to highlight a few. I feel that during my time at Britannia Row I have managed to gain a valuable insight into what career path I would like to follow and that would definitely be one in sound engineering.  I really enjoyed this experience and I appreciate how lucky I was to work at such a prestigious company. It will definitely remain a time that I look back at with great memoires."