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Posted on: 13/07/2017

BTEC Sport Biochemistry

Sport BiochemistryOur BTEC Level 3 Sport & Exercise Science students attended a Biomechanical Assessment of Jumping lab session with the Sport and Health services department at Roehampton University. In this practical session, the sport and exercise science team encouraged the students to get hands-on experience using the laboratory equipment to collect data.

They had the opportunity to be introduced to a variety of Biomechanical technologies involved in developing elite sporting performance, rehabilitation of injured individuals and amputees and they were required to maximally jump as high as they possibly could.

Mechanisms surrounding jumping were discussed and its practical use in the sport and exercise science field. Students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge of Newton's Laws in a practical context by carrying out a Force Plates investigation (sprinting/various forms of jumping). This was very enjoyable day for the students, exposing them to the variety of vocations/courses centred on Sports Science at University level.