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Posted on: 09/01/2018

Jack Petchey Award Winners at St. Charles

September 2017 Winner: Manuel Bruna Rojas

Manuel was nominated by a cross section of his teachers and peers for his calm, polite and co-operative approach to everything he is involved in in and out of college. A real genuine person, Manuel is really determined to do well this year academically and is putting lots of effort into his work and is a real positive role model for his peers as a result. Intellectually curious, he is always helpful and is really keen to achieve his potential. As one of his teachers commented, “He is a real pleasure to teach”. Manuel takes his social and moral responsibilities quite seriously. He is always willing to volunteer his time for others; he has helped out at college with various events e.g. in the library and at enrolment where he was a great asset. He helps with tutor activities, has been involved in charity activities, is a member of the Japanese Club and is involved in the College Christmas production which reaches out to the whole college community and where his prior involvement in choir activities is an asset. Outside college, he volunteers with Cancer Research. He speaks French and Spanish having previously attended the Instituto Espanol secondary school in London.

Manual says: “When I heard that I had won, I was both in shock and awe, as I never thought it possible! I am so very grateful to all those who nominated me for the award. The award instils confidence in me and it reminds me that anyone can achieve and do great things, all you have to do is do, and with time and effort, your efforts will be rewarded. I will carry on seeking to improve and do my best for the community. Hopefully this example will inspire my peers to do what they can too and discover that they too have the potential to achieve great things!”

Manuel is contributing £100 to the Politics Department to go towards paying for the subscription costs of Politics Unravelled. Politics Unravelled is a monthly update service by Hodder Education on contemporary and topical news stories and developments in politics. 2 key developments are added for each month’s subscription and worksheets based on the key developments with links to awarding body specs to help consolidate and update students’ knowledge and prepare for exam style questions are provided. He also gave £100 to the College’s Christmas cabaret production, an annual event which involves a wide range of cross-college students, including students with special educational needs. The money was used to buy lighting gels, replacing bulbs and replacing the battery for the infamous Glitter ball! The remaining £50 is going to the College’s Japanese Enrichment Club to fund a visit to Japanese Exhibition at the V&A museum in London in January 2017 by its members to see Japanese art and design collections, including their digital collection, followed by light refreshments. What a great variety of activities, reflecting Manuel’s wide ranging interests and involvements.

October 2017 Winner: Lubechi Okosieme

Lubechi was nominated for the Jack Petchey Award by her personal tutors. Lubechi is an incredibly impressive student who continues to perform exceptionally well, despite having to overcome many personal challenges outside college. Lubechi is the sole carer for her sister as mum travels between Nigeria and London for her work and she holds down a part-time job alongside her studies to help support the family. Balancing her college studies and work commitments requires a lot of dedication and Lubechi has demonstrated that she is a very resilient and mature young woman.

An invaluable tutor group representative at college, Lubechi steps in to take over group activities as required. This includes standing in for her tutors at assemblies and positively supporting all tutor group and college wide activities. She always goes above and beyond to assist staff and is a fantastic role model to her peers, regularly leading the way. A full time A level student of high academic ability studying English Literature, Geography and Politics, Lubechi has applied to university next year and is very focused on achieving her grades.

Lubechi says: “I honestly felt extremely surprised and honoured when my tutors told me that they had nominated me for the award. Finding out I had actually won the Jack Petchey award then was a really amazing feeling and the fact that I can spend my prize money on the English Language & Literature department/groups has made the winning even more worthwhile. I didn’t expect to win but I’m glad I got this opportunity to benefit other students in the College as well”.

The grant will be spent on a student outing. Luchechi is organising a screening for the College’s A2 English Literature groups of the Great Gatsby on the 26th December which is one of the compulsory text books on the A level curriculum, followed by a meal out for the group involved providing them with an opportunity to discuss and critique the themes and characters in a relaxing environment.

November 2017 Winner: Shanea Bloise

Shanae is in her second year here at St Charles studying A Level Geography, Psychology and English Literature. She has applied to study Psychology and Criminology at university and has already received 4 offers from top universities based on her excellent predicted grades. She is a very committed and hardworking student with an excellent attendance of 97% currently. This attendance record and commitment to education is highly significant when you consider she travels from Retford, near Doncaster to St Charles every day - this is approx. 2.5-3 hours door-to-door each way! Shanae used to live in East London during her first year at St Charles but she moved away in the summer. Shanae never complains about this relocation up north or the long journey to college now but, instead, states only the positives; she describes how she uses the time on the train productively to do her homework! She also describes how she has got used to and likes the peace and quietness of Retford compared to life in London!

Shanea is a determined young woman who has mentored students pastorally during their GCSEs through Leaders Community, a project helping young vulnerable people in Shadwell, London last year. An active person, Shanae enjoys swimming, rounders, has been involved in dance and choir and is a thoroughly delightful young woman whose get up and go attitude is thoroughly refreshing and an inspiration to others. Shanae says “After I was told I won the award I was amazed because I didn’t believe traveling from Doncaster to London every day was something to be praised for! I thank Tim for recognising and praising me for it. I am greatly pleased and grateful to be able to give back to the college through supporting students to attend seminars for A level English. Thanks!”

Shanae is giving her award grant to the English Department to subsidise attendance at Sovereign lectures being organised by the department for their A Level students in the New Year.