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Posted on: 04/05/2018

Jack Petchey Award Winner March 2018

Tianay has been nominated for a Jack Petchey award by her tutor and college pastoral Tianay Brianstaff. Her nomination was supported by her teachers and peers showing how highly respected she is. Tianay has flourished during her time at the college and is making made good academic progress on her L2 Health and Social Care course this year despite having to deal with a myriad of relentless and  very challenging  personal issues. Her teachers describe her as a resilient student who is an inspiration to her class peers with her mature approach to her studies. She is in at college every morning bright and early and always ready to start her college day with enthusiasm. She always sets a good example to her class members where she is always helpful and sensitive to others’ needs. She is a very polite and calm young woman. Tianay said she was “pleasantly surprised and very pleased to have been given the award”. She stated she had no idea she had been nominated for it and wanted to thank Ms Campbell her tutor, Mr Alawiye and Ms Lancaster from the pastoral team for even considering her. A very humble and gracious person, Tianay is determined to make a success of her studies and progress in her chosen field, one which there is no doubt she is well suited to.

Tianay wants to spend her money on an outing for peers to celebrate the end of term.