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Posted on: 01/02/2018

Jack Petchey Award Winner January 2018

Megan has been nominated by her performing arts staff Mrs Nash & Tanya Kassir, by numerous peers and cross- college staff for her hardworking and helpful approach in both curricular and extra-curricular activities in college. Megan was delighted to progress from secondary school  to sixth form at  St Charles where she is making excellent progress and boasts an impeccable 100% attendance record. She has grown in confidence during her time at St Charles and her teachers are proud of her excellent work ethic and in particular her passion for performing arts. Megan is always up to date with her performing arts work and is consistently achieving excellent results. She takes full advantage of all the opportunities available to her during her time in sixth form  and has been on trips to the BBC, National Theatre, Royal Court to etc where her enthusiasm is always abundant. She has also proved herself to be an excellent tutor group representative and has helped raise lot of money  for charity through various fundraising events.

She has also contributed significantly to other cross-college events. She was instrumental in ensuring  the College’s annual Christmas cabaret in 2017 was a massive success where she worked wholeheartedly alongside the College’s technician Mr Caplin to operate the lighting for the show, and without a mistake! She has a real passion for theatre and in particular the lighting aspects and she would like to progress longer term to an exciting future in stage lighting and operation.  She continues to regularly assist with lighting and filming of exam productions and recently she attended TheatreCraft lighting workshops to gain more experience in this field. Megan is also to be commended  for her support of peers. A recent example of this is when  she accompanied a peer to Pantomime rehearsals and performance outside college time, often staying late into the evening to offer support and encouragement.  In addition Megan is often seen helping students and staff with IT issues in her spare time, putting her skills from her IT course into good use.  Overall Megan is a great all round student who is making the most of her time in sixth form. She is a resilient student with a thirst for knowledge who doesn’t let things get in the way of her progressing in her studies and chosen activities. Megan’s comments on winning the award were “I feel so honoured to have won the award. I never expected to be given it. I am grateful that my work has been recognised.” Megan wants to give her £250 award money to the Performing Arts Department to buy lighting equipment for the Department’s June 2018 production  which has been inspired by a recent workshop at the renowned Punch Drunk Theatre Company in London. The remainder of the money she will use for her L3 Performing Arts Year 2 group to visit the magical Harry Potter Studios in London. Well done Megan! We know you have a bright (no pun intended!) future ahead of you in the field of stage lighting and filming. We wish you well and we are confident you will return as alumni to inspire future performing arts groups at St. Charles.