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Posted on: 28/02/2018

Our Student of the Month February 2018

Andrew is in his third year at St. Charles Sixth Form College. He joined us from St. AndrewThomas More, one of our feeder schools and he is currently studying L3 Travel & Tourism and GCSE English.  Andrew started on a L1 ICT which he chose, he tells us, because he was “interested in learning more about computers as I use them a lot in and out of college. I learnt quite a lot about software on the course which was very useful”.  Andrew opted not to continue with his ICT studies and progressed instead to L2 Travel & Tourism as he is “really interested in the industry”.  “Attending a few taster classes in Travel & Tourism in my first year at college hugely influenced my decision.” Andrew passed his L2 course with flying colours and in addition he achieved his GCSE Portuguese, his mother tongue language. He enjoyed practising his speaking & listening tasks with Mr Macedo out of class in college and attending Portuguese club outside College at a local centre, mingling with the Portuguese community. He also regularly holidays in Portugal using the language in everyday life situations.  These accomplishments facilitated his progression to L3 where he feels the units and modules on his course have increased his understanding of the industry, preparing him for the future opportunities and experiences in the field.  Andrew hopes to progress and pursue a career in the industry in a highly reputable hotel such as the Hilton. He intends to continue his studies in university after St. Charles.  Andrew states that the “Travel & Tourism Department have been a big help in progressing my learning within the course and have always been attentive to my needs. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and find the coursework challenging but fun”.  Andrew’s learning assistant Larisa  tells us that he is always on top of his studies and is motivated and committed to achieving the highest possible grades.  “He is on target for a Distinction grade”.

Apart from his studies, Andrew has also excelled as an enthusiastic member of the College Community. He has been a stupendous tutor group representative for three consecutive years! He has taken a lead on many tutor group activities with diligence and enthusiasm.  Some of his memorable contributions include an insightful poster he led on for a division liturgy on the plight of refugees.  Just recently he helped design and create a stimulating and innovative poster to celebrate International Women’s Day in the College which included drawing around his tutor!  He was instrumental in spreading Christmas cheer by decorating the Christmas hamper for the annual charity collection for the local Catholic Society as a sleigh.  He has been involved in various fundraising events and is always willing to get involved and come up with unique and thoughtful ideas for events and projects.  He also represents the views of his peers effectively in appropriate forums.  Andrew is indeed making the most of his opportunities at St. Charles. He completed work experience at the Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust helping with ICT and has been on a number of visits to key organisations in the hospitality and travel sector developing his knowledge and employability skills. He embraces all of these experiences positively.

Out of class Andrew can be found playing chess with Mr Blanche, the College Chaplain and peers.  Mr Blanche was delighted to hear that Andrew was being awarded ‘Student of the Month’ and added “Andrew is a great student. He always has a smile on his face and he greets people warmly, he is a chess grandmaster and a blackjack whizz!  Andrew has really stood out for me during my time at St. Charles. I can always rely on him to get something done and with a smile and a great sense of humour.  Andrew is a top student who will be a great man!”  Andrew’s GCSE English teacher added: “Andrew’s focus and commitment to learning is inspirational and is a great example of how dedication brings about positive results.  He bring a positive energy and a can do atmosphere to lessons and has a really creative and engaging way with words.  I look forward to hearing his ideas every lesson”.

Andrew himself feels that his time in St Charles has been a great experience. ‘The Learning Support staff helped me a lot to pass my subjects and progress in college. Ms Lancaster helped me last year and Chris. They have also helped me with my coursework and any work that I experience trouble with. Having a learning support assistant in my lessons has helped me to focus better and to complete tasks with improved understanding. I have effective 1:1 sessions outside class which helps me to keep on track with my work, ensuring success. Ms Chilton has been a great help in supporting me throughout GCSE English, always making sure I understand the techniques and secrets to tackling exam questions and approaching texts with ease. My tutor Mary McHugh has also helped me a lot to grow within this college and as a person, always pushing me to reach my potential and ensuring my needs are met.  I have made great friendship groups here at St. Charles and I hope to keep in contact with them always. All in all, my confidence has improved massively due to the resources and help available at the college.’

All Andrew’s staff and peers are in agreement that he is making fantastic progress both academically and personally and to cite his Travel & Tourism teachers; “Andrew is a polite and hardworking student who has been totally committed to his studies since day 1. We really wish him every success”. We are confident Andrew will continue going from strength to strength and is destined for a bright future. Please keep in touch and tell us all about it!