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Posted on: 10/07/2018

STEM Careers Event at the BBC

Four Science and Maths students attended this whole day event at BBC Broadcasting STEM at the BBChouse.

During the day, students spoke to a variety of people who hold different roles within the BBC and they completed a number of tasks and challenges as they learned about the career opportunities that exist for students of STEM subjects at the BBC.

Students tried their hand at coding, to change the appearance of the BBC iPlayer display, and they also learnt how to edit the iPlayer page, including changing the background colour, font and even the content displayed on the front page!

They learned about encryption and how the BBC protects its data from cyber-attacks and, if there were a breach of security, how to gather information about the suspected hacker.

Talking to a member of the news team, who travels the world to report live news, they used Lego bricks to demonstrate the importance of accurate verbal communication between colleagues in different teams.

In the afternoon, students built a camera with a motion sensor to film wildlife and had a go at weather reporting in one of the recording studios, with the help of one of the BBC weather presenters.

It was a fantastic day out for the students and a great opportunity to see what studying STEM subjects can lead to.