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Posted on: 19/11/2018

E-safety: Taking control of our online lives

On Wednesday 14th November 2018, a group of 30 students from across a variety of college courses attended a lunch and talk organised by the College’s LS department during Anti Bullying Week 2018. The talk was superbly delivered by Luke Savage from Education Child Protection Limited, a training company who provide specialist training in online safety for both children and adults.

Luke’s message wasn’t to say “no” to social media technology, but rather to make sure you’re safe. The theme running through his presentation was the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for young people.

He described how social media works encouraging students to think about who owns the information that is shared on it and how they can actively take ownership of digital space and their online lives. He talked about using apps and always to check that privacy settings are at the highest possible level in order to be “invisible” to others, “to never arrange to meet anyone you’ve met online and to always think before you send a photo or video”.

Luke spoke of NETIQUETTE, basic guidelines for safety: respect others’ views and be courteous; never use racist or homophobic comments which could lead the police intervention; remember posts and photos are public and think of the future… (they could be there for the rest of your life!). He also spoke about cyber bullying and advised that if this happens you should save the evidence, not respond, block the bully and tell a responsible adult at home or in college.

Our sincere thanks to Luke for a thoroughly engaging and visually stimulating session which totally captured the students’ attention  throughout the session with a myriad of images and up to date information. Everyone present found the talk extremely informative and students’ participation was excellent . His expert knowledge and skilful delivery served as a useful reminder that being in control helps us stay safe.

Students will now be supporting Safer Internet Day 2019 On Tuesday 5th February exploring how to use technology responsibility, critically and creatively with a focus on how consent works in an online context.

“Together for better internet”

Thanks to Claire Young and colleagues in the LS department for helping to organise the event. Thanks also to Clyde Lucendo, our Jack Petchey award winner who helped fund this amazing event.