Library Services

The Library Service at St Charles supports teaching and learning within the College, through the provision of relevant teaching resources and the development of study and information skills. 

The Library Service aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills that help them to become independent learners. 

The Library includes:

  • 72 study spaces
  • A full enquiry service staffed by qualified librarians and an experienced library assistant
  • A dedicated area for reading newspapers and magazines
  • An upstairs Gallery for quiet, private study


IT & Computing Facilities:

  • An IT Room with 28 computers and printing and scanning facilities
  • 4 Apple iMacs
  • A Library catalogue station 
  • All computers have MS Office programmes and internet access
  • A collection of electronic resources specifically selected for the students' needs. These resources include online newspaper databases, subject-specific resources, academic journals and many more


Resources & Services:

  • A collection of approximately 16,000 print items, including fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction titles include textbooks and revision guides, as well as a huge range of extended reading material on a large variety of subjects. Our non-fiction titles range from classic literature to popular contemporary young adult titles 
  • Daily newspapers
  • Subscriptions to a number of popular and academic journals and magazines
  • An excellent collection of DVDs and a DVD player for the students to watch films in the library 
  • Photocopying (colour and black & white)
  • Subject-specific displays and promotions
  • A wide range of printed help materials


We offer a full enquiry service and are happy to help both staff and students with locating resources either online or in the library itself.

We are open from Monday to Friday 8.30am until 5pm, The library closes every day from 10.50am until 11.10am so that students can attend registration. 

General Enquiries: 020 8968 7755 x217 | Email: