St Charles Careers Programme covers a wide variety of topics which aim to prepare students not only for their college studies but for both university, apprenticeship, employment and their intended careers. 

A high proportion of our students (approximately 80%) go on to higher education, with a further 10% going on to take up apprenticeships or employment.

Tim Shehu is the designated Careers Leader at St Charles. The College puts a big focus on helping our students to build a successful career. We are very keen to collaborate with potential employers and higher education institutions. If you would like to work with us at St Charles, or if you are a parent or prospective student with questions, then please do not hesitate to contact Tim via email: 

The careers service provided at St Charles College includes:  

  • A dedicated Careers Advisor, who offers individual support and guidance throughout the College life and the UCAS process
  • Preparation for additional university entrance tests and university interviews including advice on applying to American universities
  • Preparation and support for work experience applications and internships
  • An information evening for parents and students about UCAS, with a specialist speaker
  • A number of annual events: One Year Choices Day for students on Level 1 and Level 2, Two Year Choices Day for students on first year of Level 3, Career Fairs and Higher Education Fair, UCAS Preparation days including talks from top Universities such as UCL, Kings and City.
  • Personal Statement workshops delivered by professionals from IntoUniversity, Royal Holloway University of London, Portsmouth University, Newcastle University, Roehampton University and Oxford Brookes University
  • University workshops in many different subject areas (at least 50 workshops)
  • Inspirational talks from high profile speakers such as the Chairman of Mastercard Rick Haythornthwaite, Ex Chief Executive of BP Tony Hayward, John Snow Broadcasting Journalist from Channel 4, Chairman of Legal & General Sir John Kingman, Philip Coggan British columnist and author of books on economics and works for the Economist magazine and previously for the Financial Times.
  • Visits and Industry insights organised in collaboration with subject areas linking curriculum to careers
  • In addition, the students receive daily news on various opportunities including summer school programme, subject masterclasses, open days, work experience, career insights and current apprenticeships and employment vacancies.
  • Students can explore careers through, which has been designed to help young people broaden their horizons and consider a broader spectrum of careers and education options. In addition, students can access, which enables them to explore careers and complete a careers path quiz, as well as psychometric testing, a personality profile and an IQ test. Students take a short psychometric questionnaire which gauges interests, attitudes and motivations.They are then offered career and education suggestions, personalised to them. 

Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for the doors you opened for me, thank you for the directions you pointed me in, thank you for the constant reminders and reprimands... Thank you for believing in me, thank you for listening to me ramble on and on in your office, many a time. I can’t even express how much your guidance and assistance means to me.. Thank you so much [for the] recommendations and mentoring, even just reassuring me with positivity. You are doing a great work where you are.

"The Two Year Choices Day was very inspiring as well as motivating. I feel as the effort put into organising this day was very effective as it motivated me to think more about my future; increasing my ambition."

"Prior to the Choices Day I had had an initial talk with Tim [Careers Advisor] who was helpful in guiding and supporting me around the expectations and requirements to apply to certain universities. He also forwarded me many university opportunities that I have been able to apply for as a result of him."

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Level 1 and Level 2 Students:

All students on Level 1 and Level 2 programme attend the ‘One Year Choices Day’, Careerswith the aim of inspiring students to continue their education in college or another institution. At the event students attend talks from HE representatives on looking at this route, as well as talk on Apprenticeships & Employment. During the day the students also attend a talk from Richmond College at looking at their options before making their next steps decisions. Additionally level 2 students attend subject talks before making decisions on level 3 courses.  The Careers Adviser delivers a workshop to all level 1 programmes in college 
Students will be given workshops on post level 1 options to include apprenticeships/level 2 courses in college and elsewhere  IntoUniversity and IntoWork (Impartial educational charity) throughout the term visits Level 1 and Level 2 groups. These students receive guidance on employability skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork 

Y12 – Level 3 (first year)

  • Introduction to the university application process, including UCAS, choosing a Careersdegree course and university, open days. All students receive a copy of the UCAS Preparation Booklet.
  • Writing a personal statement through in-college seminars and lectures by University Admissions Tutors
  • University talks to introduce students to the very many degrees
  • Employability workshops including apprenticeships. 
  • All Year 12 students are expected to complete work experience. Vocational students' allocated time depends on the subject area. A level students takes place from the 6-10th July 2020.

Y13 – Level 3 (second year)

  • Advice and support on making a university application through UCASCareers Library
  • Graduate recruitment – looking ahead to future careers and what the application process involves
  • Student finances and loans
  • Inspirational speakers visit to talk about their careers

The opportunity is also taken to touch on the development of both personal and social skills, and topical issues, such as Resilience, Personal Safety, Healthy Eating & Budgeting at University, Managing Stress and Using Social Media Responsibly (daily Smoothwall report which informs the College what websites have been accessed by the students which is monitored by the deputy safeguarding officer). 

Many of the sessions are delivered by visiting speakers, and the college regularly invites professionals and admissions tutors and lecturers from universities to talk to students; former pupils also come back to speak about their chosen careers and universities. 

All students who are considering the apprenticeship/employment route are supported by the Careers team and external agencies. Some of these sessions will be delivered via assemblies and some are delivered via scheduled workshops. We have a partnership with Whitehat Training and Construction Youth.

The Careers Library itself is well-stocked with up-to-date literature about universities, courses and careers, and is also used for small group research. 

UCAS, Apprenticeships & Employment and Labour Market Information (LMI)

Work Ready Schools for St Charles: Skills Development & Training Modules

Click here to access the Work Ready Schools Skills Development site. It contains training modules for you to complete. They are in a microlearning format which means they are video rich in content, interactive and delivered in bite-size chunks. They also feature interviews with a range of different employers and are accredited by the CPD so you will get an employer-recognised certificate, upon completion. There’s a great range of different topics available and they are a fantastic way to build your CV and gain invaluable skills. Build your career prospects with industry experts, whenever suits you!

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