Kintbury Retreat

Every year, twice a year, students from St Charles go on a retreat to St Cassian's Centre in Kintbury. This is a Catholic retreat centre situated in West Berkshire. This opportunity is offered to all students throughout the College. It is a chance for students to reflect upon the ideas of Awareness, Reconciliation and Good News.

Students explore these ideas in the context of their faith, but are also encouraged to apply them to general life concepts. It is a chance for individuals to look at themselves and try to understand themselves more deeply. Students are encouraged to let go of all their worries and relax in the beautiful countryside that surrounds them. The retreat offers a chance to be closer to God without distractions from everyday life.

The St Cassian's team do all they can to help young people deal with the stresses of life and hand them over to God.

Students have always enjoyed St Cassian's and often return from the retreat more grounded and stress-free. It is a real opportunity for them to grow in faith and as people.

This year's visit will take place 14-17 November.

Here's just a few testimonials from previous visitors to the Centre:

Kintbury was an amazing experience and it developed me, allowing me to grow closer to God

Kintbury was very nice and I lots had new experiences

It allowed me to understand my friends more deeply, as well as myself

I made new friends and I was able to boost my confidence and self-esteem

It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone

Find out more about St Cassian's and the Kintbury experience by visiting their website.

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