Student Leadership

"Leadership in Service"

From our Mission Statement, the college has taken the motto Leadership in Service. For the Chaplaincy, this means two things. Firstly, our Chaplain’s job is one of service, to lead our students in prayer and reflection. Primarily, our students are here to receive guidance and pastoral care from the Chaplain. But for those students who desire to go deeper, the call for them is to also lead through service. Below you’ll find some ways our students respond to the college’s call for Leadership in Service

Chaplaincy Committee

Meeting once a month, the Chaplaincy Committee is a group of students and staff who work collaboratively to discuss how the Chaplaincy can better serve the college community. Led by the Chaplain, the Committee meets to discuss upcoming Chaplaincy events, exploring ways to better engage and connect with the student body.

Tutor Reps

Each Tutor Group appoints a Tutor Rep, a member of the Tutor Group who works with the Chaplaincy and Student Council to help organise and run Tutorials.

Tutor Reps are often asked to lead prayer in Tutorials and take a lead in organising fundraising events for our chosen charities. They meet once a half term with the Chaplain and members of the Student Council, to receive training and to have an opportunity to give feedback from their Tutor Groups.

This year our five Halls have been given a charity to fundraise for throughout the year:

            Bakhita Hall:               Bakhita House

            Soubirous Hall:          The Cardinal Hume Centre  

            Romero Hall:              The Grenfell Foundation

            Aquinas Hall:              The Catholic Children’s Society

            Alexandria Hall:         Age UK Kensington and Chelsea


One of our Tutor Reps also acts as the Chaplaincy Rep, sitting on the college’s Student Council. This ensures that the Chaplaincy has a student presence on the Student Council.

Outreach and Community

St Charles is situated in an area of great need. As such, we encourage our students to go out and help our local community. This year we are supporting the Dalgarno Trust, who run a soup kitchen and foodbank serving North Kensington. Over the Autumn Term, we are looking to collect for their foodbank and, once restrictions allow, we’ll be providing students to volunteer in their soup kitchen.

St Charles had a great zeal for charity, for helping those with a need greater than his own. That charitable spirit has permeated the long history of charity at St Charles and continues to drive the Chaplaincy today.



All staff, parents and visitors have a statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of students. Please click here for more information on safeguarding.