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Level: Intermediate (Level 2)Awarding Body: Edexcel

Why study IT?


An ability to work with information and communication technologies is as essential to education, life and workplace success as ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’. No matter your pathway in life, ICT will open new doors to enjoyment, enlightenment and employment, and ICT students are better prepared for a digitally enhanced, globally competitive world.

A dynamic discipline in its own right, ICT teaches transferable skills which link closely to, and increase performance levels within, other subjects, and will be an asset to you throughout your time at college and beyond. When 3 out of the top 4 jobs available to university graduates are based within the ICT industry why would you choose any other subject?

What can it lead to?

ICT careers include:

  • Computer Programmers
  • Web Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Social Community Managers
  • Security/Networking Analysts
  • Technology Support
  • Mobile Application Developers
  • Technical Trainers/Managers
  • Digital Specialists
  • Web Development Specialists

This course is designed to be generic enough for those learners who essentially wish to pursue a career in an Information and Communication Technology related field. However, the main focus of this course is designed to prepare learners to progress onto Level 3 Information and Communication Technology, it does also enable learners to progress onto other subjects at BTEC Level 03, or indeed, A Levels.

The transferable skills developed whilst studying ICT include problem solving, creative thinking, the capacity for independent enquiry and team working.

How is the course organised?

Board: Edexcel


  • *1         The Online World External
  • *2         Technology Systems External 30
  • *3         A Digital Portfolio Internal 30
  • 12        Software Development
  • 9          Spreadsheet Development
  • 10        Database Development
  • 13        Website Development
  • 17        Multimedia Products Development

How is the course assessed?

Teaching and Learning Methods:

The key to success (for this course) is the practical application of your understanding of the subject to real life situations. The desire to progress onto Level 3 is as important as developing your ICT skills and knowledge.


Units 1 and 2 are examined units and the rest of the assessment is through coursework. However, this will be evidenced in a variety of different ways. Feedback will be given on all tasks within the coursework units and students are allowed one chance to re-submit.

What do I need to qualify for this course?

GCSEs mainly 2’s and 3’ with a minimum of 2 grade 4’s, including BTEC L1 Merit/Merit plus 2 GCSE’s Grade 4 and above in the subject.

Most students completing this course are looking to gain at least 5 Grade 5’s (5 A-Cs) at GCSE in order to follow a Level 3 programme the subsequent year.

Who are the teachers?

The ICT Department staff have over 40 years teaching experience collectively. Academic qualifications include B Eng in Electronic Engineering and an MSC in Engineering, a masters in Information Systems and a BA in IT and Education.

All the staff are highly qualified with both teaching and industry experience including Research and Development at BT, working for NatWest and network management in a large community library.

For further information, contact Mr. Petropoulos on Alternatively, you can get information about this course direct from the Exam Board website:

What do students say about the course?

"I really enjoy the Level 2 IT course and what I have been learning. I think my teachers are great. This course also helped me improve my knowledge of online software and how to be able to use them appropriately."

 "The Level 2 IT course has helped me improve my IT skills and learn new things that will get me ready for my future job. The teachers are doing their best to help me whenever I have any difficulties. They give me resources, are patient and explain to us carefully whatever we have to do. They always check if we need help and make sure we do our work correctly."

"The thing I like best about the ICT course is that it teaches me many skills I can use in my other courses and outside of college."

"I enjoyed the coursework, I learnt many new multimedia skills such as creating and editing sound files and making a short film, as well as creating an interactive website."


What else should I know about?

There are three dedicated ICT rooms with wireless internet access, printing facilities, interactive smartboards and projectors. In addition many lessons will make use of mobile technology in the form of laptops, tablets and smartphones.