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Application Process

St Charles Catholic Sixth form College is committed to the personal and spiritual growth of all its students based on Christian Values, academic excellence and high-quality
Pastoral Care.

Admissions 2024

St Charles College welcomes students of all religious backgrounds who wish to pursue their studies in an explicitly Christian context.

The entry requirements for the different programme levels are made clear in the Courses section on the website.  The entry criteria for each course can be viewed on the individual course pages in that section.  These entry requirements are the same for all applicants.

The College has an inclusive Admissions Policy and all applicants who successfully complete the application process, irrespective of academic ability or prior achievement, can potentially anticipate an offer of a place, provided the College receives a satisfactory reference from their previous school or college. The College, similarly, has an inclusive curriculum offer which is designed to cater for the needs of all students at its partner schools and beyond.

Students who have an unsatisfactory reference from their school or college will be invited for an interview, either virtual or face to face onsite, after which a decision regarding an offer will be made.

Order of Priority for Admissions:

  1. Applicants with Specific Needs: The Governors will give priority of consideration to applications from students with specific physical or learning needs, (EHCP) or looked after young people.  An open choice of course will be made at enrolment provided the required entry qualifications for specific courses have been met.

  2. Applicants from Catholic Partner Schools: The College has a partnership with two secondary Catholic schools:  St Thomas More Specialist Language College in Kensington and All Saints Catholic College in Kensington.  On application to the College, the College will ensure the offer of a place to the students of these schools, provided satisfactory references are met.  The required entry criteria for courses will still operate in all cases.

  3. Applicants from outside the Partner School group: Such applicants, if made an offer at the College and with the submission of a satisfactory reference, will receive a conditional offer related to a course programme.  This programme will be guaranteed to the applicant provided the published entry criteria are met.  Should the required entry qualifications not be met by the applicant, the College will endeavour to make an alternative course offer at the point of enrolment.  In the event of all appropriate courses being full, the College reserves the right to withdraw the right of admission. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept 'Transfer Students' from another school/college, who have completed their first year of a 2 year Level 3 programme elsewhere.

Applications for BTEC/Vocational Programmes

As BTEC/Vocational courses can be categorised as vocational training, according to European equality directives, we are obliged to slightly vary our admissions policies for these options.  Students applying for these programmes from any school are given absolute equal preference for consideration, as long as none of the criteria described below apply.

Unsuccessful Applicants

The College reserves the right to refuse/withdraw an offer of a place at the College if:

  1. The reference from the student’s current or previous place of study, is unsatisfactory.
  2. The student’s course or career preferences cannot be accommodated by the College.
  3. The interview is unsatisfactory.
  4. The application is not received in suitable time, and/or the College has no availability.  Such applications may be placed on the waiting list.

Admissions Procedure

Applications are made via our website to the online Application Portal. 

Applications opened for entry in September 2024: on Saturday, 14th October 2023.

The Official Deadline for all Applications was: Tuesday, 30th April 2024. Applications can still be made but will be placed on our Waiting List and processed in order of submission. 

Step 1:

 To make an application, click the “APPLY NOW” button on the College website homepage.

Step 2:

 Register your details on the Application Portal by clicking “Start New Application”.

Step 3:

 Once you register, you will receive a Verification Email.  Please log in to your email and verify your account.

Step 4:

 Log in to the Application Portal as a “Registered User” using the Username and Password you created, in order to complete and submit your application.

Step 5: 

Once you submit your application, we will then send a Reference Request to your Head of Year or Form tutor.

Step 6:

 We will be in touch with an offer or a request for interview, pending the receipt of your reference.

Step 7: 


If we invite you for an interview, we will inform you of the outcome of the interview by email. (Please note: Non-attendance to interviews, whether virtual or face to face, could result in your application being withdrawn).

Step 8: 

 If you have received an offer of a place we expect you to decide whether or not you wish to take up that offer, and accept or decline this via the Application Portal.

Those students who have accepted offers are then given further information about enrolment times and procedures in the summer term.



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Shaping your future

Daniella Labuschagne Odendaal

BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care

My experience at St Charles Sixth Form College has been transformative—academically and personally.
Coming from South Africa I found a supportive community, passionate teachers, and opportunities to explore all my interests. It challenged me, shaped my desires, and prepared me for the future. I developed lifelong friendships and gained valuable skills that prepared me for university and beyond. I am really grateful for the experience that St Charles has given me throughout these years.

Shaping your future

Laurentiu Oros

BTEC Extended Diploma in Business (L3)

My experience at St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College has been very wonderful
It has been one year since I have joined the college and I have learnt a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development.It's a great place for students.You can always get help from staff. All of the teachers are really friendly.Also faculty members have been very supportive throughout.The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout this wonderful journey.I'm really thankful to everyone from St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College.

Shaping your future

Charles Webb Carey

BTEC Diploma in Vocational Studies

My experience at College is positive and motivating. I like the LSA’s and TA’s supporting me to do my college work.
I enjoy my courses at St Charles College because they make me excited to learn. I did my Level 1 Work Experience in the Hyatt Hotel in Portman Square in the Housekeeping and Culinary departments. I enjoyed my work experience very much.

Shaping your future

Maria Vasalie

A Level Spanish, History and Religious Studies

All my teachers are excellent. So caring, protective, loving, supportive, encouraging.
All my teachers are excellent. So caring, protective, loving, supportive, encouraging. So far, I have had such a good experience with all of them, and I’m beyond grateful for that because when you go to their lessons, you’re ready to give all your best, knowing that even though you might have a bad day, they understand and try to put a smile on your face.

Shaping your future

Jessica Moraes

A Level Maths, Chemistry and Physics

St Charles has helped me grow into a better person by getting me out of my comfort zone and becoming more social by offering a variety of after school activities.
St Charles is pretty amazing. The teachers are really helpful and ever willing to give their time to help you out. It's well coordinated and there are many activities put in place for enrichment which are fun and not necessarily subject related.

Shaping your future

Adrian Benavides

Diploma in Digital Media, A Level Film Studies and Portuguese

St Charles offered me not only an opportunity to develop my passion, skills and knowledge but also become a better student and person who is mature and able to expand on my personal views.
At St Charles I have been encouraged to start building a professional career with great detail, help and support. Not only I have felt that I belonged to a safe and productive environment that fulfills my necessities as a student but also personal ones. The advice given by teachers and other members of staff has been extremely useful and my path to become a professional in the film industry has been made clearer.