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Why Study at a Sixth Form College?

Although there may be benefits in staying with teachers with whom you are familiar in the sixth form of your own school,
and we respect that, the advantages of moving to a sixth form college are not often explained clearly enough. They are:

  • A much wider choice of courses, and combination of courses, are available because colleges are bigger than school sixth forms and can afford to run more courses and more classes within each course; it is this that makes virtually every combination possible 
  • Teachers only concentrate on the courses and programmes that are for 16-19 year olds and therefore develop particular expertise and specialisms at that level. At St Charles College, for instance, virtually every department includes teachers that work as examiners or assessors for the relevant examination boards 
  • Students who have already made the adjustment from one institution to another at 16 are better equipped to make the change to university or employment later. You will already have developed the confidence, initiative and maturity that goes with embracing change and dealing with it successfully
  • Sixth form colleges are organised to retain the support systems and culture that enable teachers to intervene in a regular and timely way ensuring that students stay on track with their studies and achieve to their maximum. All students at St Charles, for instance, will see their Group Tutor at least once a day and often for more extended discussions. These systems are described in more detail in other parts of the website 
  • At the same time, college study allows for greater independence in terms of managing workload, deadlines and study patterns. This is a very effective preparation for university and professional life where much value is placed on skills of self-management 
  • The network of 94 sixth form colleges across the country make up a highly successful element in the country’s educational provision. On average they achieve better OFSTED grades, better value-added assessments and better success rates than all other forms of provision, including school sixth forms, academies and Further Education Colleges.

All staff, parents and visitors have a statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of students. Please click here for more information on safeguarding.

Shaping your future

Daniella Labuschagne Odendaal

BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care

My experience at St Charles Sixth Form College has been transformative—academically and personally.
Coming from South Africa I found a supportive community, passionate teachers, and opportunities to explore all my interests. It challenged me, shaped my desires, and prepared me for the future. I developed lifelong friendships and gained valuable skills that prepared me for university and beyond. I am really grateful for the experience that St Charles has given me throughout these years.

Shaping your future

Laurentiu Oros

BTEC Extended Diploma in Business (L3)

My experience at St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College has been very wonderful
It has been one year since I have joined the college and I have learnt a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development.It's a great place for students.You can always get help from staff. All of the teachers are really friendly.Also faculty members have been very supportive throughout.The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout this wonderful journey.I'm really thankful to everyone from St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College.

Shaping your future

Charles Webb Carey

BTEC Diploma in Vocational Studies

My experience at College is positive and motivating. I like the LSA’s and TA’s supporting me to do my college work.
I enjoy my courses at St Charles College because they make me excited to learn. I did my Level 1 Work Experience in the Hyatt Hotel in Portman Square in the Housekeeping and Culinary departments. I enjoyed my work experience very much.

Shaping your future

Maria Vasalie

A Level Spanish, History and Religious Studies

All my teachers are excellent. So caring, protective, loving, supportive, encouraging.
All my teachers are excellent. So caring, protective, loving, supportive, encouraging. So far, I have had such a good experience with all of them, and I’m beyond grateful for that because when you go to their lessons, you’re ready to give all your best, knowing that even though you might have a bad day, they understand and try to put a smile on your face.

Shaping your future

Jessica Moraes

A Level Maths, Chemistry and Physics

St Charles has helped me grow into a better person by getting me out of my comfort zone and becoming more social by offering a variety of after school activities.
St Charles is pretty amazing. The teachers are really helpful and ever willing to give their time to help you out. It's well coordinated and there are many activities put in place for enrichment which are fun and not necessarily subject related.

Shaping your future

Adrian Benavides

Diploma in Digital Media, A Level Film Studies and Portuguese

St Charles offered me not only an opportunity to develop my passion, skills and knowledge but also become a better student and person who is mature and able to expand on my personal views.
At St Charles I have been encouraged to start building a professional career with great detail, help and support. Not only I have felt that I belonged to a safe and productive environment that fulfills my necessities as a student but also personal ones. The advice given by teachers and other members of staff has been extremely useful and my path to become a professional in the film industry has been made clearer.