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Why Study at a Sixth Form College?

Although there may be benefits in staying with teachers with whom you are familiar in the sixth form of your own school,
and we respect that, the advantages of moving to a sixth form college are not often explained clearly enough. They are:

  • A much wider choice of courses, and combination of courses, are available because colleges are bigger than school sixth forms and can afford to run more courses and more classes within each course; it is this that makes virtually every combination possible 
  • Teachers only concentrate on the courses and programmes that are for 16-19 year olds and therefore develop particular expertise and specialisms at that level. At St Charles College, for instance, virtually every department includes teachers that work as examiners or assessors for the relevant examination boards 
  • Students who have already made the adjustment from one institution to another at 16 are better equipped to make the change to university or employment later. You will already have developed the confidence, initiative and maturity that goes with embracing change and dealing with it successfully
  • Sixth form colleges are organised to retain the support systems and culture that enable teachers to intervene in a regular and timely way ensuring that students stay on track with their studies and achieve to their maximum. All students at St Charles, for instance, will see their Group Tutor at least once a day and often for more extended discussions. These systems are described in more detail in other parts of the website 
  • At the same time, college study allows for greater independence in terms of managing workload, deadlines and study patterns. This is a very effective preparation for university and professional life where much value is placed on skills of self-management 
  • The network of 94 sixth form colleges across the country make up a highly successful element in the country’s educational provision. On average they achieve better OFSTED grades, better value-added assessments and better success rates than all other forms of provision, including school sixth forms, academies and Further Education Colleges.

All staff, parents and visitors have a statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of students. Please click here for more information on safeguarding.

Shaping your future

Catherine Kiedis

BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care

My career so far at St Charles has been uplifting and encouraging and I have changed in multiple positives ways. It has been one of the best decisions I had made.
I made the decision to leave my familiar 5 year journey at my secondary school and venture out to St Charles. The community is a diverse one, which makes it even better. I enjoy studying here immensely. I can truly say I love going to College.

Shaping your future

Odylon Dias De Vasconcelos

A Level Politics, Portuguese & Diploma in Criminology

St Charles has great opportunities for my future.
The college excels in its dedication to the students’ future, whilst also caring for students’ current academic life with each subject teacher really ensuring the best possible result for each student. Furthermore, the college’s focus on student well-being is abundant, for example the Chaplaincy is great for students to relax and talk, allowing for a friendly and fun environment.

Shaping your future

Emily Brown

A Level English Literature, Geography & History

I am able to continue my journey of learning and find new experiences to help bridge the gap to university.
When visiting St Charles for the first time for open day I was fascinated by the size and scale of the buildings, each with unique styles and layouts. I felt an immediate sense of belonging, from the welcoming staff members and the enthusiasm of their students.

Shaping your future

Yasmin Usen

BTEC National Extended Diploma in Applied Science

I chose to attend St Charles because of its large spectrum of courses and how the community helps to develop and build one’s character for the future.
I also chose this sixth form as there is more help and support provided by both students and teachers, which has been amazing with building further motivation to achieve and thrive in becoming what I want to be. As someone who aims to become a medical doctor, St Charles has pushed and inspired me to keep my decision strong on this career path and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Shaping your future

Daniah Al-Hashimi

A Level Chemistry, Maths & Psychology

The teachers truly invest time and effort to help open up opportunities for our futures to come.
I believe communication is a big advantage at St Charles, as enquiries on homework, topics and events are a lot more accessible. Furthermore, enrichment activities ranging from STEM club to sports and art, enables me to explore things outside of my subject choices, so I never feel like I am missing out.

Shaping your future

Roland Correia

A Level Media Studies & BTEC Diploma in IT

It was exactly what I was looking for.
I chose St Charles because of the high quality of teaching and learning that takes place and I was impressed from the facilities and the college campus in general. Being a Catholic College, not only provides me with the academic tools needed to be successful, but also gives me the opportunity to further develop my faith.