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Student Support


The College has a comprehensive network of support available to students as they progress through their learning programmes. We outline below the different sources of internal and external support that can be deployed to meet their diverse needs.

The college is committed to keeping all students and staff safe. If you wish to raise any concerns please contact the following:

I take the privilege to thank you and your entire teaching team who were directly and indirectly involved with my daughter. My daughter received tremendous support, help and encouragement from the teaching team during her time at St Charles. It would not have been possible without Ms Mary McHugh's involvement, who motivated and time to time gave advice. We will not forget the support she received also from Mr Jordan Macedo, Ms Liz Lancaster, Mr Roddy Font, Mr Adam Chalcraft and Mr Alwyn Morgan.


I am glad to say that my daughter will be continuing her studies at University and that it was possible because of your dedicated team, of which I am thankful for. - Parent


All students are attached to a Tutor Group. They meet with the Assistant Pastoral Manager weekly for 55 minutes, and this member of staff takes responsibility to monitor a students’ overall progress through the College, and to encourage them to take maximum advantage of all we can offer. They would normally be the first point of contact for parents/carers should there be any issues to address.

Pastoral Manager

There are five Pastoral Managers, each managing a team of 10/11 Group Tutors. They deal with managing changes to students’ programmes, and support students who need intervention to get back on task with their studies, as well as act as problem solvers for any other barriers to students’ progress and eventual achievement. Their role is comparable to that of Head of Year in a school. They also work closely with parents when necessary.

Assistant Principal - Student Services

The Assistant Principal responsible for Student Services oversees all the student support services and is responsible for their co-ordination and development. He can also be contacted by parents if required.

Careers Coordinator & Advisor

The Careers Coordinator and Advisor oversees all the College systems and events relating to university and job progression, as well as working to support individual students with customised advice and guidance appropriate to their plans and aspirations. His work is supported by external organisations with advisers from IntoUniversity, IntoWork, PSEV and through partnerships with ULAS, universities such as Roehampton and Portsmouth.


Our full-time chaplain provides a source of personal support for individual students, and is available on a drop-in basis, as well as organising group activities that meet students’ spiritual needs through the liturgies, retreats and sacramental programmes. Please see the Chaplaincy page for more information.

Bursary Support

There is a designated member of the administrative team who can help students with the application process and resolve any issues with attendance records or payments.

External agencies

All these staff can refer students to a range of external specialist support services when needed.

Learning Support

Please see the Learning Support page.

Learning Resource Centre

Please see the Learning Resource Centre page.

All staff, parents and visitors have a statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of students. Please click here for more information on safeguarding.


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