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Level: Foundation (Level 1)Awarding Body: Edexcel

This course will enable students to use Maths in many everyday and work related situations. Students will first take Entry Level 3, which will then lead onto Level 1.

The course builds on students’ knowledge of number, shape and data handling.  Students will work together with their teacher to assess where they feel confident and where they need support. The tests can be taken any time online, so students can cover what they need and take the test when their teacher feels that they are ready.

What can it lead to?

After passing Level 1, students can re-take GCSE the following year. Many employers, professional bodies and higher education institutes demand a grade C or above in mathematics as part of their entry requirements. 

How is the course organised?

You will have 2 lessons per week. In which you will be learning practical Maths skills. You will initially complete an induction booklet which will be followed by 2 booklets. At the end of each topic you will be assessed and results recorded. 

You will encounter a variety of approaches to help you learn, including:

Class discussion, group and pair work, teacher presentation of key concepts, and individual feedback from your teacher.

How is the course assessed?

Your teacher will check your work every lesson and give you feedback in order to help you improve.

You will sit your Entry Level 3 in December (on paper), and your level 1 online test when ready. However, as stated above there is flexibility around when you sit the exams, and you can sit them more than once.

Board: Edexcel/Pearson

Entry 3 Test: Non-Calculator – 25 Minutes (on paper)

                    Calculator – 75 Minutes (on paper)

Level 1 Test: Non-Calculator – 25 Minutes (online)

                     Calculator – 90 Minutes (online)

What do I need to qualify for this course?

Anybody with a grade 1 or below in Maths at St Charles will automatically be enrolled onto Functional Skills. It is a government requirement that anybody without a grade 4, who is in full-time education, must be working on a Maths qualification

Who are the teachers?

Functional Skills is delivered by a team of suitably qualified specialist teachers. This will include Ms Lancaster (ELA), Ms Coyne (CCO), Mr Gyakyi (CGY) and Ms Cotter (MCO).

Contact: Ms Cotter (FS Coordinator) if you require more information.



What Do the Students Say About the Course?

The teachers are really supportive and really want you to do well

Doing this course at St. Charles helped me to feel more ready to take on the GCSE Maths Course 

What Else Should I Know About?

Once enrolled onto this course, you will have full access to relevant resources on the college’s Moodle website.